Balancing Low Carb with Indian Festivals and Celebrations

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Indian Festivals symbolise cultural richness accompanied by their vibrant dosser of traditions, flavours and colours. They are the time when various families and communities come together to celebrate and at the core of these celebrations often lie the tastes of delicious food and irresistible aromas. High-carb dishes are one of the components of Indian festivals which people enjoy having. However, it cannot be denied that with time; people are becoming more health conscious, leading them to choose healthy but tasty food.

It is effortless to indulge in unhealthy food choices during festival times. Being judicious in approach towards the festival season will not only help in controlling appetite and weight. Here’s a look at some of the low-carb foods that people can consider amidst their feast season:

Healthy Low Carb Foods for Festivals and Celebrations

A low-carb diet includes limited carbohydrates, especially trans-fat, refined grains, sugary foods and processed edible items. According to the dietary guidelines issued by the National Institute of Nutrition, the Indian diet should include 50-60% carbohydrates, 25% fat and 15-20% protein. However, during festivals like Diwali where many high-carb food items take centre stage, it becomes quite difficult for people to resist because of their flavour and aroma.

To help people achieve their goal of fitness and weight loss even during feast times, below are some of the food items that can be replaced with the traditional ones:

1. Spaghetti Squash Halwa

Spaghetti Squash Halwa

Sheera or Halwa is one of the traditional dishes of India cooked during festivals and even offered to god as “Prasad”. It is usually made with Suji or flour along with ghee, sugar, raisins, cashews etc. By cutting down the proportion of sugar and Suji to half and adding spaghetti squash fruit to it, this traditional dish can be converted into a low-carb one.

2. Coconut or Dalia Ladoo

Coconut or Dalia Ladoo

Ladoos are everyone’s favourite in Indian households and are most served at festivals. By using coconut or dalia for making ladoo instead of rava, gram, flour or rice, one can avoid unnecessary carbs without compromising on taste.

3. Jaggery and Coconut Stuffed Modak

Jaggery and Coconut Stuffed Modak

Lord Ganesha and the entire country loves Modak which is a delicious sweet dumpling prepared with rice flour, sugar and other items. The classic North Indian style Modak is a deep-fried delicacy made of wheat dough that is rolled and packed with dried fruit filling before being cooked in hot oil to create the exquisite meal that everyone wants. This may, however, be transformed into a healthy food by making rice flour modaks with coconut filling, jaggery instead of sugar, and steaming rather than frying.

4. Whole Grain Dahi Vada

Whole Grain Dahi Vada

Savory dishes are also popular during festivals, and dahi vada may be made healthier by adding whole grain urad dal (lentil) and unsweetened homemade yoghurt to keep it vegan, protein-rich, and gluten-free.

Simple Tips to be Followed to Enjoy the Festival Foods

In addition to the aforementioned food items that can be added to enjoy the festivals while avoiding high-carb foods, several measures need attention. Some of them are as follows:

1. Stay Hydrated

It is better to consume water more on festive days than on regular days. It not only helps in keeping hydrated but also assists in flushing excessive toxins from the body. Moreover, consuming water also keeps the body relaxed and refreshed after getting exhausted during festivities.

2. Fruits Consumption is Good Choice

Fruits can be appropriately included in sweets or consumed fresh at festivals since they contain the most antioxidants and help to relieve stress. They also help in refilling the body with vital vitamins, fibres and minerals to boost the nutrition quotient.

3. Include Dry Fruits in Your Diet

For a person who is focusing on a low-carb diet, dry fruits can be the best alternative to consume during festivals rather than opting for sweets. They are rich in nutritional value and are healthier options.

4. Have a Light Dinner

All sugary and fried items should be included in lunch and not in dinner meals. This is because one gets a full day to digest the food which is consumed in lunch meal as compared to dinner. This is one of the most effective strategies for people who want to shred their weight.

5. Stay Active

During the festive season, it is advisable to go for at least 30-40 minutes of walking to burn off any excess calories.

6. Take Moderate Tablet

Along with the following strategies, individuals can also consume a moderate tablet which is a natural, trademarked botanical extract that moderates the absorption of carbs and calories by up to 40%. regulating post-meal sugar and insulin spikes.


Along with these ways, sufficient sleep of 7-8 hours is essential because the body needs recovery after long days throughout the festival season. Furthermore, with low-carb foods included in the delicacies, people can enjoy festivals without compromising on their health.

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