Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How does Moderate reduce blood glucose levels?

Moderate is made with 100% botanical proprietary blend scientifically proven to temporarily block the enzymes responsible for breakdown of carbohydrates to simple sugars, hence less amount of sugar is available for absorption. This means that only around 60% of the carbs / sugars that you eat are absorbed into your body. Rest is excreted out of the body, without being absorbed. This also results in reduced post meal blood sugar spikes as has been proved in Multiple clinical studies.

Does taking moderate on empty stomach cause hypoglycaemia?

If it is taken on an empty stomach where there are no carbs / sugars, then there is no effect on blood sugar levels at all and there is nopoint in taking moderate on an empty stomach or when there are no significant carbs or sugars in the consumed food. When taken on empty stomach without food, it harmlessly pass through the body in the absence of carb intake.

I forgot to eat my meal after taking Moderate tablet, does it cause any harm?

When Moderate is taken on empty stomach without food, it harmlessly pass through the body in the absence of carb intake. It is a completely botanical formula and will not have any significant effect if taken on empty stomach.

What is the best time to take Moderate tablet?

Moderate works best when taken 10 min before the meal, so that it works on the enzymes more effectively and gives you the maximum benefit of limiting blood sugar spiking & calorie uptake post meal.

Do I need to stick to a specific diet when taking Moderate?

You don’t need to be on any specific diet plan while using Moderate tablets. We recommend to use moderate before any meal or snack that is rich in carbohydrates or sugars. It does not effect the dynamics of a protein or fat meal.

I am diabetic, can I use Moderate?

If you are a diabetic, you can use Moderate. However you must reduce or skip your usual diabetic medicine, as taking both will reduce your sugar levels. You need to check your blood glucose levels post meal and see who much reduction of blood sugar is happening post meal with moderate and then see if your diabetic drugs are required at all or in lower doses? It is best to discuss this with your doctor and work out what is best for you. Moderate works by simply blocking the enzymes responsible for converting complex carbs to simple sugars making the carbs & sugars resistant to digestion, so that they pass out of the body.

Is it possible to reduce weight while using Moderate?

Moderate works by simply blocking the enzymes responsible for converting complex carbs (starches, maltose, lactose & sucrose etc.) to simple sugars like glucose & fructose, thereby making them non-absorbable. These carbs and complex sugars just get passed down the intestine and excreted. Various studies have shown that moderate blocks up to 40% calories from carb intake. Using moderate regularly before your meal can induce satiety. The undigested carbs likely stimulate the hunger control response, so the urge to snack more frequently will wane off. Due to less calorie absorption and low sugar uptake, the amount of insulin released will be lower. Low insulin response allows your body to use fat for energy needs, thereby helping you to shred fat faster.

I forgot to take moderate before the meal, will I get the same benefit if I take it right after the meal?

In order to get the benefit we recommend to take moderate before your the meal. If taken after the meal you may not get the same benefit ( effect is leeser) as the carbs in your food would have already been digested to some extent.

Can moderate help both pre diabetics and healthy people to moderate blood glucose levels?

Globally, diabetic reversal programs have identified that consistent healthy dietary choices and exercise are essential to attain normal blood glucose levels. moderate can help you in this journey by complementing your healthy dietary choices.

Does moderate interact with other medications?

No, moderate is made with 100% botanical extracts, with high safety profile. It does not interact with other medications or therapies. If you are using any medication for better digestion and absorption of carbohydrates or those that reduce blood sugar, please consult your healthcare provider before using moderate.

Is moderate safe for kidney patients?

The botanical extracts used to make moderate are known to be absorbed by the body to some extent and gets excreted via kidney safely. It is advisable to use moderate only post doctor consultation for people with kidney disease.

Is it safe to use moderate with insulin?

Since both cause a reduction in blood sugar spikes, either you titrate the doses based on blood glucose readings or consult your doctor. It is safe to use moderate with insulin therapy in case you have high sugars and both are needed. We recommend you to adjust the dose of insulin in case you are using moderate before the meal. It does not impact the foods made directly with fructose or glucose (which are already readily absorbed without digestion).

I am on keto diet, how does moderate help me?

moderate may not be very useful if you are taking a keto diet, however it can complements your keto diet to a certain extent. Additionally, it gives you the flexibility for a varied diet, you can add more healthy carbs to your diet, which may not be possible due to keto diet. Since everyone has a unique metabolic profile you should experiment with your diet with moderate using keto strips.

I am a healthy person, sometimes I crave for sugary foods does moderate help?

Taking moderate regularly before the meals, help you attain satiety or control cravings by limiting the carb digestion in the intestine, thus sending the signals to the brain and help you avoid intermittent food cravings. And even if you over indulge, moderate will ensure that all the carbs and sugars that you have consumed will not enter inside your body.